Effective sustainability data management

The SulyticsTool is a user-friendly, web-based sustainability data reporting platform that meets the highest modern standards in sustainability performance measurement.

Our solution supports you in the efficient management of:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for Scopes 1, 2 & 3
  • Energy consumption and use of other natural resources
  • Health and safety (H&S) metrics
  • Human resources (HR) data

With our platform, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to gain transparency in your data, efficiently manage workflows for data collection and validation and report to senior management as well as other internal and external stakeholders.  Give your team more time to focus on improving your sustainability performance.

A versatile tool

Based on the latest web technologies and with our modern, adaptive design, the SulyticsTool can be used on any device from desktop computer to tablet to smartphone. We also subject the platform to regular, independent security tests to ensure that your valuable data is safe and secure.

The SulyticsTool was developed by CSR experts for non-experts and its intuitive interface allows for quick onboarding with minimal training.
We understand that sustainability software is used by people from diverse professional backgrounds. That’s why we have made sure that the SulyticsTool is easy to use so you and your colleagues don’t need to be experts in carbon accounting, masters in GRI reporting or CDP aficionados.
The SulyticsTool helps to improve data quality by performing real-time data checks and giving users direct feedback. Review by a second person is also integrated in the tool, further improving data reliability.

With the SulyticsTool, you can always stay on top of your data. Efficient workflow management lets you analyse progress, perform data validation and communicate with your colleagues.
The SulyticsTool offers your organisation a single source of truth for all your sustainability data, making external assurance a smooth process. You can upload documents and evidence to any single data point and all communication related to data is tracked transparently. As a modern web-based solution, the SulyticsTool can be configured to link to external data sources such as ERP systems. Reliable, tried and tested Excel files for bulk data uploads are also easily set up.

To gain maximum value from your data, you need flexible and fast data analysis. Our system offers a range of preconfigured reports that can be easily customised to give you that insight by the push of a button. In addition, we can set up customised reports for you that integrate seamlessly into your company’s reporting processes. Examples include science-based target reports to track progress down to every location or quarterly health and safety statistics that determine bonuses for senior management.

With the SulyticsTool, we make complying with all the leading accounting and reporting standards easy, including CDP, GRI, DJSI, GRESB and the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive.

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Why choose the SulyticsTool?

We have put all our experience in the development of the SulyticsTool to deliver a platform for organisations of all sectors and sizes that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The user-friendly interface allows for quick onboarding with minimal training. Alongside our powerful, web-based platform, we also give you the benefit of our expertise through a wide range of consulting services.

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