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Adrian Siegrist
Founder and CEO

Drawing on more than ten years of experience, Adrian supports companies in Switzerland and internationally in implementing their sustainability agenda. He has managed projects in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America. Adrian has extensive expertise in carbon footprinting for international companies and supply chains, and in evaluating the environmental and social impact of different products. He has also developed software solutions for managing sustainability data, which have been implemented at several thousand locations worldwide.

Adrian holds an MSc in Atmospheric Physics from ETH Zurich. He is a qualified assessor for greenhouse gas inventories to ISO 14064-3 and was a guest lecturer in the ETH Zurich MBA programme in Supply Chain Management.

Rafael Blättler
Sustainability Consultant

Rafael brings practical experience in environmental management at a heavy industry plant and in corporate responsibility at a major corporation. He has ten years’ experience in sustainability. His core area of expertise is environmental management with a focus on carbon management, combined with the integration of Sulytics’ software solution SulyticsTool. In his role at Sulytics, Rafael has, for the past year, been supporting companies with carbon footprinting, setting environmental targets and implementing the SulyticsTool. With his experience from various corporate sustainability roles, he is quick to grasp customer needs and develop pragmatic solutions. In addition to consulting, he is responsible for coordinating the further development of the SulyticsTool.

Rafael holds an MSc in Environmental Sciences with a Major in Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics from ETH Zurich and speaks 3 languages (German, French and English).

Elvira Escher
Sustainability Consultant
Julian Hundeloh
Lead Developer

Julian is an expert in software design and implementation. He learned to program at the age of ten. Soon after, he sold his first website and, during his teenage years, worked for a few small agencies. Since then, he has been curious and fascinated by new technologies. After his degree in computer science, he worked at SAP as a technical consultant where he gained extensive experience in international projects and working in complex environments. Julian also enjoys sharing his knowledge, both in open source projects and as a coach and trainer.

Bart Karpinski
Frontend Developer